Deploy iOS apps to TestFlight using Fastlane and Semaphore

Continuous integration and deployment for iOS bring confidence to developers when shipping products to customers. TestFlight makes it easy for developers to publish apps to early beta testers, and Semaphore is a fast CI/CD service that supports iOS deployment to TestFlight.

Deploy iOS apps to Firebase using Semaphore

Deploying iOS apps to early testers helps you get feedback for improvements or detect issues early during development. Firebase App Distribution, or App Distribution, is a service that helps you deploy your Flutter apps to testers.

Continuous Integration for iOS Flutter Apps with Semaphore

Publishing iOS apps is a complex and tedious process in the developer community. The publishing process includes dealing with code signing the builds and the review process set by Apple to decide whether it meets their standards for public release. And to help you get there faster, you’ll need a good set of tooling for automating the tests and deployment of your app.

Deploy Flutter iOS Apps using GitHub Actions

This article will guide you on how you can automate the CI/CD workflow of your Flutter’s iOS app.

September 6, 2020 · 7 min