Here are some of the projects I have worked on. See Github.


2021 - Present | Founder

  • Coming soon!

Better Banking Mobile

2020 - Present | Lead Engineer

  • Coming soon!

Google PlayApple Store Mobile

2018 - 2020 | Core Mobile Engineer, Pioneer Flutter R&D & Release Manager Android App
Release of Messaging Attachment Editing, Report Project, and Recruiter
  • Official Android app for the platform
  • Included in Top 10 Apps for Jobs category on Google Play
  • 5M+ downloads

Google PlayApple Store

RapidPass Mobile

2020 | Flutter Developer & Co-maintainer, Gitlab

Photo Courtesy of DCTX

Freightlancer Mobile

2018 - 2020 | Mobile Engineer & Release Manager

Freightlancer Android App
  • Freightlancer is a combination of a marketplace and management system, but with a global reach

Google PlayApple Store


2018 - 2019 | Software Consultant & Developer

Xeleb Gametime Android App
  • Included on the Top 10 Grossing Apps in Google Play (PH)
  • 10K+ downloads

Google PlayYoutube

DevFest Mobile

2019 | Lead Project Engineer

  • Served 500+ attendees of DevFest Philippines
  • Serverless application with Firebase Functions and Real-time Database, peaked at 20K requests

Google PlayApple Store

Freelancer Assistant

2019 | Project Lead (Hackathon)

Freelancer Assistant
  • Freelancer Assistant brings the experience to devices with Google Assistant
  • VUI or Voice User Interface ready; look for jobs or freelancers to do the work hands-free
  • Freelancer Hackathon People's Choice Award

EnergyFM Manila Mobile

2017 - 2018 | Partner & Software Engineer

EnergyFM Android App
  • $100 - $300 monthly revenue from ads
  • Reached 8K+ monthly active users
  • Led the migration and re-write of the app and launch the V2 of the app

Google Play


2017 - 2019 | Founder, Software Engineer

  • Dynamic tabulation system written in Laravel/PHP with MySQL database
  • Led and managed 20+ events across Region I
  • Side project that helped me earned $1000+


2017 - 2018 | Founder, Software Engineer

  • Dynamic election system written in Laravel/PHP with MySQL database
  • Served 15K+ students via student-led elections for various organizations