News 📰

June 2021

• Getting started at live streaming tutorials and workshops on Youtube
• Celebrating my first anniversary at Better Financial and working as a remote engineer

May 2021

• My team at Better Financial launched Better Bank
• Me and my co-founder at Pexelerate launched Habitcue to open beta testing
• Celebrating 366+ days of journaling using

April 2021

• Building Habitcue, out of a habit
• Started coaching at KadaKareer to help students explore or navigate their career paths

March 2021

• Wrapping up the first quarter of the year with 10+ talks and workshops and Flutter Extended Event in the  🇵🇭
• Celebrating my first anniversary as a Google Developer Expert

February 2021

• Helping promote 30 Days of Flutter Globally in the 🇵🇭 by writing 15+ newsletters to 400+ registered participants, increasing support/engagement at Discord community by upto 20%, hosting webinars with 10K+ views and closing sponsorships worth $6K+

This is a new section in my website! I will write down the rest soon as I finish my getting my coffee ☕

Events 📅

Some events where I gave conference talks, workshops, etc.