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Joshua de Guzman

Joshua de Guzman

I'm a software engineer designing and building products. Now solving problems for startups and the financial technology scene. Previously served coffee for companies on a global scale.

Stay Productive at Work

Long ago, I would spend most of my free time learning and working on side projects to fast-track my career and financial goals. But things changed when my responsibility grew and my priorities changed. So, I had to do something to stay on track.

Build a ChatGPT-Powered Chatbot With Flutter

ChatGPT has stormed the internet in the last four months with its capabilities to understand and generate natural language with remarkable fluency and accuracy. This article outlines how you can take advantage of these powerful AI models and create apps using Flutter and Dart.

5 Key Lessons Learned as a Software Engineer at Freelancer.com

I worked at Freelancer.com as a full-time software engineer, building projects for a native Android app with 5M+ downloads in Google Play. I also led the development of Freightlancer Android app. Freelancer.com is the largest freelancing platform with 50M+ users.

Guide To Use GNU Make For Flutter

GNU Make or Make helps simplify commands you need for your Flutter project. Although Make is not a 100% replacement for your shell scripts, Make compliments those.

Continuous Integration for Flutter Apps on iOS with Semaphore

Publishing iOS apps are known to have a complex and tedious process in the developer community. The publishing process includes dealing with code signing the builds and the review process set by Apple to decide whether it meets their standards for public release.