Joshua de Guzman

Joshua de Guzman

Building The Future of Work at Freelancer

My experiences and learnings in helping building the future of work. The future of work is remote and freelancers will play a big part in making that happen. is one of the major platforms to do just that. is the largest freelancing platform with 50M+ users.

Guide To Use GNU Make For Flutter

GNU Make or Make helps simplify commands you need for your Flutter project. Although Make is not a 100% replacement for your shell scripts, Make compliments those.

Continuous Integration for Flutter Apps on iOS with Semaphore

Publishing iOS apps are known to have a complex and tedious process in the developer community. The publishing process includes dealing with code signing the builds and the review process set by Apple to decide whether it meets their standards for public release.

Deploy Flutter Android Apps to Firebase using Semaphore

Building features and beautiful UIs is a satisfying feeling, but shipping them to users should be the goal to keep in mind. Having your app tested by real users before public release is a critical part of the software development cycle. In this article, you will learn how to distribute

Build and Test Flutter Apps using Semaphore

Building beautiful and functional apps in Flutter is easy, but how do we make sure that we deliver a great user experience at scale? We can do it by integrating and running automated tests for every new change pushed to our codebase.

Five Key Areas For Personal Growth As A Software Developer

It's been a few years since I started working as a professional software developer. I was lucky enough to join companies that operate at a different scale – from startups and SMEs to public companies. All while balancing my personal life with work and the developer community.