Joshua de Guzman

Hey, I'm Joshua 👋 – a software engineer focusing on delivering products that help improve people's lives.

What I'm doing now

  • Enabling everyone to invest in people and ideas at dub
  • Creating Flutter community experiences for Filipinos at Flutter Philippines
  • Collaborating with the developer community globally at Google Developer Experts, Github, etc.
  • Publishing ideas about tech and career and sometimes for tech companies like Semaphore
  • Building, failing and launching products
  • Reading autobiographies, self-help books, and works on technology


  • Helping everyday Americans fight the unexpected shocks at Better (YC W22)
  • Changing the lives of over a million users by enabling them to get jobs or find freelancers at
  • Advancing the way businesses move freight globally at Freightlancer
  • Bringing live streaming experiences and democratizing finance using crypto at Xurpas
  • Designing and building solutions for people at PixelHub
  • Freelancing for a few years back in college — primarily to develop my skills, invest in my business needs, and support my college education