I'm a software engineer designing and building products.

Now solving problems for startups and the financial technology scene. Previously served coffee for companies on a global scale.

Some projects I worked on.

Building projects that change people's lives.

dub Investing
dub Investing
Enabling anyone to invest in ideas and people. Backed by Tusk, Slow, Neo, partners @Sequoia & a16z, the CEOs / Founders of Uber, Airbnb, Robinhood, and more.
Software Engineer
Changing lives of 50M+ users. Freelancer Android app is featured in the Top 10 Apps for Jobs category on Google Play and Apple App Store.
Core Mobile Engineer
Better (YC W22)
Better (YC W22)
Leading the engineering efforts to help everyday Americans fight unexpected shocks. Backed by Y Combinator, Slow Ventures, Global Founders Capital, and Soma Capital.
Software Engineer
Services Offered.

Let's collaborate on your ideas, projects, and business needs.

Software Development
I've been a professional developer for the last 6yrs+ with experience launching apps in areas like investing, digital banking, social, and online marketplaces.
Help & Consultation
I worked with 10x+ startups and helped them solve complex technical challenges, and deal with blockers and ambiguous requirements.
Education & Trainings
I help upskill teams to accelerate app development with Flutter. I presented to 40+ events and conducted several corporate trainings. I volunteer for non-profit causes.

I have served coffee for startups, public companies, and the government.

Semaphore CI
Google Developers
From clients & colleagues.

I work with smart and highly-driven people.

I worked with Joshua at Freelancer.com. Joshua was an absolute out-performer in my team. He has deep expertise in Android app development and is also a great team player who can support his teammates to achieve business goals. I would love to recommend Joshua to any team that needs a technical leader.
Mike Ni Senior Manager of Products, Atlassian
I worked with Josh on a few projects, and he's one of those engineers that just has the knack for getting things done. It's also amazing how he always managed to remain level-headed, despite being put under tremendous pressure. If someone were to ask me to form an A-team that requires a mobile engineer, Josh would be at the very top of my wishlist.
Mark Basmayor Regional Director of Engineering, Freelancer.com
I had the pleasure of working with Josh as part of my Dev team for a Freight marketplace (mobile app), Josh is an exceptional person very thorough and dedicated. His knowledge in software development is fantastic and work ethic is second to none, he brought a fresh perspective to our team.
Josh Mullens Former COO, Freightlancer
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Thoughts on work, life, and the universe, but mostly just code.

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Long ago, I would spend most of my free time learning and working on side projects to fast-track my career and financial goals. But things changed when my responsibility grew and my priorities changed. So, I had to do something to stay on track.

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